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Welcome to my First Blog Post!

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! I figured that my very first post would be about why I’ve made the commitment and finally decided to start my blog. As I am in my late twenties I realized that life goes by so fast and is in constant motion and doesn't stop for you... You can never turn back time as it constantly goes forward. I learned that if you don’t make time for the things you love it can leave you with an empty feeling inside. With that being said I have a passion for fashion... Literally! I have always said for many years I have wanted to start my own blog as I love clothes and fashion- I think it’s the best way to express yourself. I love to shop and I may or may not have a shopping problem (oops!) but I figured I could turn this into something positive by sharing affordable and fashionable items with you!

I pride myself as someone who is always honest and truthful.... I love clothes and with that I want to provide you (my readers) with my open and honest opinions. I want you to come to my blog as inspiration for something chic and simple that will have an influence on you and your daily life.

Thank you for taking the time on reading this post and I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey!

What I'm Wearing:

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