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Our Engagement Story

Surprise! I’m engaged!! :)

Heels: Sam Edelman

This past week has been such a whirlwind, and I’m still a bit in shock as I write out our engagement story.

A little bit of back story… Greg and I have been together since high school and we just celebrated 14 years together (so crazy to think). Everyone was always asking us when are you guys going to get engaged. We would always answer it will happen when it will happen. I had a feeling it was going to happen this year but with the pandemic and all I wasn’t sure especially with all the uncertainties going on.

The only plans we had over the weekend was on Saturday 10.24.20. Greg and I had planned to go out and shoot some blog photos later on in the afternoon. He is always the one behind the camera taking my pictures. Our plan was to go out and shoot at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

It was late afternoon early evening when we arrived at the Inn. I have never been to the property before and the grounds were absolutely gorgeous. We started off by taking a few photos and continued walking the property. As we stopped at a couple more spots Greg had said let’s go down this way to this walkway. He stopped me and snapped a few more pictures and we continued to walk.

As we were continuing to explore the grounds we walked by this private garden area that was secluded and there was this set up going on with light up letters and roses. I turned to him and said that’s so cute someone is proposing as I commented on the set up. (Little did I know it was my proposal.) Greg said do you wanna go check it out and I said no way that’s someone else’s proposal. He convinced me to go check it out with him and then I noticed pictures of us. I had turned to him and said is this a joke or was he serious. He said no Erin this is actually happening. I was in such shock I had blacked out. After he proposed I realized there was a photographer there to capture the moment. he said look over and smile for the photographer.

Light Up Letters: Amazon

We had took some photos with the photographer and afterwards we had about an hour of down time which was perfect to call our families and friends. I was on cloud nine. We had dinner at the hotel and it was the perfect evening just the two of us. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.

Well, that’s our story! I wanted to clue you guys in on our special news. I still feel completely surprised and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact: WE’RE ENGAGED.

In terms of next steps with wedding planning, I honestly have no idea where to start or even how we want to make things “official.” I’m going to try my best to live in the moment with Greg and take some time for ourselves before getting bogged down in any planning. I just love him, and what we have together so much and I’m so happy my blog has given me the privilege to share this moment with all of you too! We’ve been on a few fun journeys, but I think this one could be the best yet <3



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